Friday, October 17, 2008

The Triumpant Return...

Yes folks, I am back.
With a vengance.

To blog.

Okay, before we exchange our pleasantries, before I make the massive post about how we are living in a new and entirely different city than Seattle and how my new job at a startup company is going and my several and diverse thoughts on this interesting financial and political times, before I can tell you what is about to happen, I must say this one thing, this very important thing:

I was TOTALLY right. Hah.

In the course of just a few short months, Oil has arrived at the $70 price per barrel that I was dreaming about on one of my earlier posts. If you recall, I blamed $148 oil on wall street speculators. When you take them out of the equation, look what happens- Voila! Prices that aren't artificially inflated! Uncanny isn't it? Unfortunately I am afraid that equities will behave the same way, and that 14,000+ Dow was an artificially inflated number created by leverage and financial wizardry, not serious valuations of the underlying assets. Which means it might stay where it is. Which really REALLY sucks for anybody who is trying to retire right now. Which means, among several terrible and diverse other things, my dad will have to work for several more years which may create a cranky pall over family functions for years to come. Oiy.

Anyhow, we should catch up sometime. I miss you, loyal readers. More substantial and hopefully less self-agrandizing posts to follow we can all hope.

<3 Chris

1 comment:

Pete said...

Yay!! You're back!
Now I can start a blog war...
Notice that oil prices are still much higher than they were 2 years ago. More than inflation warrants. It almost seems that these artificially inflated prices were instigated to make $3.25/gallon not seem so bad...

I'll get you Chris Reilly.