Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Snow Driving Fail

I came across last night. This video was on top and I absolutely could not stop laughing for about 15 minutes straight. For whatever reason it struck me at the most hilarious thing I had ever seen. My laughter was so bizarre and uncontrollable I actually scared Felicia out of the room, she thought I had developed a brain tumor. Maybe I just had to get a good laugh on. Anyhow, be careful where you watch this. If you react like I did at work it would probably result in your immediate termination from your job and possible counseling recommended.

If you are in a safe place, spend some time at it is by far the funniest web site I've ever come across. Check out Bridge Fail, Boat Fail, and the many other wonders of failure.

1 comment:

fcb4 said...

awesome...of course what do you expect from Westside drivers...looked like they were all in the snow and ice for the first time. ;)