Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Awesomeness insues on Capitol Hill

I had a rad time hanging out last Friday at Seattle's famous Capitol Hill Block Party. Got to hang out with my good friend and soon to be ex-band mate Pete. Got to blow him out of the water with my bowling skillz (mind you neither of us broke 100). Let's not talk about my pool skillz. Please.

Seeing one of my favorite bands in concert was super fun - Menomena. Pete turned me on to them about a year ago. With just 3 dudes on stage they made an incredible amount of sound. Check out this video that I ::heart::

But let's not forget the highlight of the evening, the incredible Vampire Weekend! Governor Chris Gregiore was there to introduce them and pander for votes. A nice touch, but it felt a little too much like Hillary making a stump speech. Neither here nor there. Vampire weekend was awesome. Very tight. They sounded just like their album which is excellent. I think they are a perfect mix of Paul Simon (I'm a fan) and the soundtrack to The Life Aquatic (I'm a big fan). If you haven't heard their stuff, check it:


I felt pretty old being around a bunch of kids having fun, but it was a good time regardless. Just know everybody knows, Peter Jordan is a republican at heart. I won't take it back until he admits that Al Gore isn't an "extremist", he is a actually fairly moderate with extreme commitment to climate change. Admit it, and I'll take it back. Simple.

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Pete-the-Moderate said...

I caucused for Obama mofo!!!
For the official record: I said that I think Al Gore poses the threat of alienating conservatives. It's a thin line we have to walk on this issue and alienating corporate interests isn't the way to do it. We need both sides in on it(as well as India and China, and other developing nations).
If all you sheep out there would start buying green products, the corporations would have to diversify and halt production on less-green products(that is, if you sheep stop buying those).
Or don't, I don't care, just know not to trespass on my land once peak oil ruins the world, because I'll be armed and protecting/sustaining my family.